Your Windows Are Missing Something...

Get a finished look by adding trim

You might have freshly painted walls or new windows, but without trim, they'll still look unfinished. Trim makes a space look uniform without taking the focus away from your overall design. Vollmer Custom LLC can add a variety of custom trim to your space, including crown molding. No matter what kind of design you have, we can enhance it simply by adding a bit of trim.

Call now to learn more about our trim work. We serve all areas within a 50-mile radius of Maurice, LA.

5 places to add trim in your home

5 places to add trim in your home

Trim is an excellent way to create a finished, cohesive look throughout your house. You can add trim to your:

  1. Closets
  2. Walls
  3. Drawers
  4. Windows
  5. Doors

To get started on trim work, call Vollmer Custom today. We'll help you design the right trim for your home.