Breathe New Life Back Into Your Old Home

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You shouldn't have to move just because you've outgrown your current home. Instead of struggling with your outdated kitchen or stressing over the house hunting process, call Vollmer Custom LLC. We can remodel your current home with ease, no matter how old it is.

Call 337-522-8195 now to speak with a remodeling contractor about our services. We'll work with you to design a space that suits your needs.

We can remodel any part of your house

We can remodel any part of your house

Vollmer Custom takes pride in our comprehensive home remodeling services. We can work on any area, including your:

  • Kitchen, to add custom cabinets or granite countertops
  • Bathroom, to replace your old shower or upgrade your fixtures
  • Flooring, to replace your old carpet with new hardwood
  • Bedroom, to upgrade your layout or add a new closet
  • Whole home, to gut the property and start from scratch

To get started on your whole-home remodel, call Vollmer Custom today. We can bring your old structure up to code, and we can install a new plumbing and electrical system in no time.